Pet City is now open for curbside business.
Hours: MON–SAT: 10AM – 6PM. SUN: 11AM – 4PM.

Micah Haworth

September 8, 2017

Pet City is a great store they really do care about the animals, not just making a profit. The idea they get their animals from puppy mills just isn’t true. They get their dogs from breeders who take excellent care of them give them plenty of room to roam outside, heated kennels, regular grooming, etc. I have had many conversations with the owners and they care about these animals and want them all to find great homes. Even after they leave the store the owners are in contact with their customers willing to make home visits if the animal isn’t feeling well. The owner even has the nickname “Dr. Bree”. These are great people and some of the only people who I would by from because they care.