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Our Breeders

What We Require from our Breeders

Throughout the years, Pet City Pet Shops have been in business, we have been leaders and pioneers in encouraging the betterment of breeders. The breeders that Pet City chooses to work with are not only required to meet all Federal, State and Local Laws, but meet a list of our own stringent rules and restrictions

  • USDA and/or State Licensed
  • Hobby breeder, as defined by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), who raise their dogs in a humane manner

In addition to the required licensing we demand our breeders provide the following things for our pets:

  • A consulting veterinarian providing good medical care. The vet must create a written program for the breeder to follow and ensures the health of the dogs.
  • The breeder must maintain written veterinarian records of medical care, as it is performed.
  • The breeder must provide vaccinations against diseases and parasites.
  • Safe and comfortable housing
  • Frequent socialization and exercise
  • State-issued health certification
    • Every puppy that is sold must have a state issued health certificate from the state of origin. It must be signed and attested by a licensed veterinarian.

How we choose where to get our puppies…

  • Pet city visits inspects breeders to ensure they meet our standards. We work with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislators concerning animal welfare issues and education
  • Our processes are on-going and transparent. We investigate claims about breeder facilities that don’t meet our requirements. This is our business and we take it seriously.
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