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You have questions, well we have the answers. Here at Pet City Pet Shops our puppies are happy, healthy and incredible models of their breeds. We go to amazing lengths to be sure our puppies are very well socialized so bringing them home is less of a chore if you may already have furry friends at home. Our puppies are playful, energetic, and they love to cuddle and interact with their new owners. You can check out our FAQ section below for answers to some of the most common questions, or stop in to one of our local shops to speak with one of our consultants.


What qualities can I expect from a puppy from Pet City?

Pet City has only the highest quality of pups. With 40 plus years of experience we have had the opportunity to create close relationships with some of the most highly reputable dog breeders in the country. Our puppies are affordable, adorable, healthy, friendly and socialized from the very moment they step paws into our care. We also ensure that all puppies receive necessary health treatments, shots, and testing before leaving to their new home. We also provide an incredible health guarantee. We stand tall behind every single puppy. We are happy to bring you the best of the breeds or mixed breeds for that matter.

How do I know my puppy will be healthy?

Our experienced veterinarians carefully screen each and every furry critter before they even get sent to our stores. Once they have arrived to our shops, they are then vaccinated, wormed up to date, and then reexamined , to be sure nothing has been overlooked or is recently developing. You can view their shot records when you make your purchase. For more information on our health guarantee, feel free to visit your nearest Pet City Pet Shops location.

Why should I buy a puppy from Pet City when I can adopt one?

Well there are a few things that need to be considered when making the decision to buy vs. adopt. When buying you will know the breed for sure, as well as, the characteristics your dog will possess. Adopting an unknown breed leaves many things to chance like adult size, temperament, and whether they might shed.

Are your puppies micro-chipped?
Yes, all of our Colorado Springs puppies are micro-chipped before you purchase them. Micro-chip registration will be made available and explained at the time of purchase. This is a great way to bring back your dog should he / she ever get separated from you!

Come check out one of our locations with any questions. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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