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Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

March 30, 2022

For the longest time, dogs have been tagged man’s best friend as a result of the love and fierce loyalty that they display to their humans. So, why exactly is there so much love between the canine and human? 

Humans started keeping dogs as pets since ancient days prior to civilization. This implies that this fierce love and unbreakable bond between humans and dogs has been repeated multiple times all through history. 

It goes without saying that beyond their simple angelic existence, dogs provide their owners with benefits ranging from emotional and mental to physical as well. Dogs are very useful and can be trained to hone their special attributes like their strong sense of smell or hearing for various uses.  

For instance, they are members of various important units in the society such as the firefighter departments, K9, search and rescue, as well as sniffer dogs at airports. The services that they provide have constantly saved the lives of humans time and time again. 

Dogs are also regarded as immediate family members and treated as fur babies. Dog owners commonly claim to be in a better mental space after having a dog relative to before they had one. In addition, people dealing with various traumas get support dogs who constantly comfort and keep them stable. 

In essence, the benefits that dogs offer humans as a result of their presence in our lives cannot be quantified. 


Discussing the reasons why we love dogs so much could extend so much with each individual having their own personal reasons. However, the bottomline is that they very much deserve this love and even more. 

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