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Keeping Your Dog Warm With Clothes This Winter

February 14, 2022

Keeping your dog warm both indoors and outdoors is an essential one, particularly if they’ve got short fur.

Beyond the stylish and smart appearance that a clothed dog has, the functionality – helping to maintain body heat is the major aspect here. We would be covering the various clothing items that you would be needing both for indoors and outdoors:


These are especially necessary when indoors. Just like you’ve got your blankies and duvet, your fur baby needs the same thick, insulating material to stay warm. Ensure that you get one that is slightly bigger so that they can have every inch of their bodies covered. 


These are more suitable for the outdoors and come in especially handy to protect the head from cold. They can also be pretty stylish and thick ones make for awesome warmth providers. 


You know how everybody looks great in a jacket. Well, this is no different for pups as they look absolutely gorgeous in them too. Away from fashion, jackets are super comfy and amazing insulating materials and they are easy to wear too. Mostly suitable for the outdoors. 


A thick wool sweater does wonders for providing your pet with warmth. You could opt to go for a hoodie too, covering the head nicely while keeping the torso warm as well.  

Rain Gear

Getting caught in the rain or having to take a walk on a somewhat rainy day can be quite a hassle if your dog constantly gets wet. For a beautiful experience even on such a dreary day, rain gear serves to keep your pet dry and happy. 


Keeping your pet warm constantly is vital, particularly during winter. You can also keep an eye out for stylish gear and make your pet into a warm fashionista!

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