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Introducing A Second Dog to Your Home

January 27, 2022

Owning one dog is great, so having two should up the fun, yes? 

Well, this might not always be the case. If you have been considering bringing a second dog into your home, there is a high chance that Ajax will not be very welcoming of Bo. This is why several considerations have to be made for you to ensure that both dogs get along quickly and easily.

Here are a few tips that could guide you:

Choose Your New Dog Carefully

You should consider choosing a breed that is similar to that of your current dog, as this increases the likelihood of them coexisting peacefully. You should also consider similarities in temperaments before choosing a dog. If you have a more dominating alpha dog, you should probably not choose another equally dominating dog as this could lead to some unwanted clashes.

Different Genders

Two dogs of the same sex will probably get along fine in most cases, however you can always be on the safe side and get two different genders. This increases the probability of them getting along and prevents any kind of unhealthy rivalry they may have. It would be ideal if your dog can meet the new one before you bring them home to make sure they would be a good fit for each other.

Introduce Both Dogs on Neutral Grounds

When you want to introduce your dogs to each other, do it at a park or outside the home in more of a communal area. You don’t want your dog to get upset when a stranger starts sniffing and playing with their toys.


For the first few weeks after bringing Bo home, they should not be left in the company of each other unsupervised. This is to prevent an injury in the case of a disagreement between them.

Reduce Rivalry

You can do this by providing separate food dishes, water bowls, toys and crates. Providing separate spaces for the dogs during mealtimes could also help. Finally, ensure that you still take out quality time to spend with Ajax so he doesn’t feel left out.

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