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5 Dog Hygiene Essentials

August 30, 2021

If there’s one thing that dogs know how to do instinctively, it is playing around in places that are less-than-hygienic.Milo probably just loves digging in mud or splashing around in puddles. This is him playing, so he isn’t thinking about the hygiene implication.Therefore, the onus is on you as a great dog parent to keep his hygiene top-notch at every point in time.

Here are 5 essentials to help with your pup’s hygiene:: 

  1. Clean the Paws

Your pup is constantly roving about and stepping in so many places that it’s hard to keep track. It is therefore not surprising that his paws can pick up various objects like molds, pollen, dust mites, and even pesticides!Dog baths are not a daily affair but cleaning Milo’s paws at least once a day isn’t a bad idea. You can use a rub down or a paw soak depending on your preference.If there’s hair between his toes, trimming and brushing are in order too.

  1. Clean the Toys

Most, if not all of your pup’s toys go in his mouth, making it an efficient germs transfer pathway. Therefore, cleaning these toys regularly is essential to maintain good hygiene.For starters, you should never use cleaning sprays or disinfectants, this can be toxic for Milo. A safer alternative is soaking the toys in a half water,half vinegar mix for about 30 minutes.Non-soft toys can be cleaned with a water-diluted bleach solution. Toys should be cleaned at least once to twice every month.

  1. Brush the Teeth

Dental hygiene for your pup goes beyond just maintaining a healthy set of teeth to actually preventing potentially fatal disease(s).Periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of tartar in the teeth, as a result of poor dental care. It can have significant side effects like lethal bacterial infections if left alone without treatment.

However, brushing your pup’s teeth can help prevent this. So, rule of thumb, when brushing your teeth, remember that Milo’s need brushing too!

  1. Clean the Dog Bed

Your dog’s bed can be a haven for germs and parasites. Ticks, fleas, allergens, an entire parade. Although your pup might not entirely love the entire process of keeping them clean, it is one that you have to do for their sake and yours. 

Beyond keeping your pup clean, you need to ensure that one of their favorite spots is too. A great dog bed should have a removable fabric cover so that you can wash it at least two times a month.If you have a breed that sheds significantly, then vacuuming the dog bed on the regular is in order as well.

  1. Clean the Collars and Harnesses

After some period of extended use, your pup’s collar can start to smell not-too-great. Collars and harnesses do not require constant maintenance.However, once they start to smell or show dirt, it’s time to wash. You could either use the washing machine or a mix of dog shampoo in hot water.Maintaining your dog’s hygiene is synonymous with maintaining his well-being. You shouldn’t need any convincing since you love your pup!

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