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How to Workout With Your Dog: 7 Awesome Exercises

May 21, 2020

The warm weather that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s time to throw off the sweater and hit the outdoors in your sleeveless shirts. But there’s another little guy (or girl) who’s been waiting to enjoy the beautiful sunshine as well: your loveable pooch!

Your dog wants to play around in the sun and flowers, too, and there’s nothing they would like better than to enjoy the day with you. With this in mind, you would really benefit from getting in a good workout with your dog. But what sorts of workouts could you really do with your doggo? What is the best way to exercise with your dog?

No need to fear! This article will give you some good ideas as to what you can do to have a fun dog workout with your pup. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Standard Curl Workouts With Your Dog!

Everyone loves a good curl, so why not switch out the ol’ dumbbells with your four-legged friend? This is an easy workout to do, as well. Simply gather your dog around your forearms and go for a nice lift. Don’t forget to do a few sets to make the workout worth it!

2. Go for a Walk!

The age-old workout with Man’s Best Friend! Going for a walk is one of the easiest things to do, and you get to see a whole set of sights and sounds. Just strap on the doggie lease and you’re ready to go.

3. Do Some Doogo Squats!

Time to get those legs strong and toned! Doing squats with your dog is simple to do. Hold your dog in your forearms and keep them close, then go down for a nice squat Make sure you keep good form!

4. It’s the Right Time for Hiking!

Want to upgrade your walking challenge? Try going on a hike! Hikes are a challenging way to get your blood pumping and strengthen your connection with your best friend.

5. Try Puppy Pushups!

These are easy to do, as long as your dog is willing to stay on your back. Simply use your doggo as resistance as you do traditional pushups. Doggy licks are almost guaranteed to be your reward.

6. Planks With the Pooch!

If you can’t do a pushup, don’t worry; planks are a great option as well, and they work your core even more than a traditional pushup. have Fido act as resistance as well on this move.

7. Don’t Forget to do Yoga!

Yoga is not only good for you, but also for your pup. There’s flexibility and mental calmness involved for both you and your pet, and both of you will grow stronger because of this great workout.

Get Going With Your Pup!

Now that you know how to workout with your dog, you can have tons of fun with them over the coming sunny months. Make sure that you enjoy spending time with your pooch and get toned and fit with your best furry friend!

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