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Weekend activities with your Pup

February 29, 2020

If you work full time then you know it can be hard to squeeze in quality time during the week. Weekends were created to give the full-time workers the opportunity to catch up with family. Since our pets are part of our families its important to make time for your dog during the weekend. Here are a few ideas.

Keep it simple

Dogs are not complicated, they simply want your love and affection. You can simply spend one on one time with your dog on the weekend to show him that you care. Let him ride along as you run errands, or make the morning walk an extra 15 minutes on weekend. These are all simple ways to spend time with your pup this weekend.

Check out a dog park

Dog parks are the most exciting place for dogs. Find a local dog park and allow your pup to bond and hang out with fellow canines. Be sure to keep your eyes on your pup as he explores at the dog park. You will see a new side of your dog as he engages and makes friends.

Teach a new trick

Teaching your dog a new trick is fun and rewarding. Start with a simple trick such as shake and be sure to have lots of treats handy. Your dog will enjoy the challenge of earning treats in exchange for showing off his new skills.

Buy her favorite treat

Make the weekend special by buying her favorite treat. Dogs love rawhide bone and Antler ears!

Visit the vet

If you are too busy to go during the week, make a weekend appointment to visit the vet. Nothing shows you love your dog more than doing your part in keeping her healthy!

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