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Fun activities for Dogs with lots of Energy

July 22, 2019

The sunshine and long summer days gives a unique opportunity for fun activities with your dog. Being in the house all day can not only be boring but it can leave your dog with extra energy. Here’s are a few ideas for fun activities with your dog. 

  • Summer splash- If your dog doesn’t mind the water using the hose or sprinklers can be a great way to give them exercise.  Let your dog bathe outdoors this week with a run through the water.Some dogs love chasing water that’s coming out of a hose or sprinkler. Just remember to bring a towel or let them dry in the sun or your likely to have a mess on your hands after the fun. 
  • Hide and seek – Hide and seek is an easy teach-as-you-go game, so begin by hiding in an obvious place and tell your dog “come find me!” Have a celebration when your dog locates you, either with praise or a quick game of tug. Then hide again in a more challenging location and repeat the process. It’s a fun game suitable for all ages that will put a dent in your dog’s energy levels, and will increase the bond between you at the same time.
  • Nothing quite compares to the full body exhaustion that results from an intense dog play session. Not only is the body very obviously engaged, the social nuances that happen during the play date require that your dog engage her brain as well. This type of interaction takes more effort on your part because you have to find appropriate play partners. Pairing up dogs that are a similar age, size and enjoy the same types of interactions (for example, both  are large dog breeds who to wrestle or both enjoy a game of “catch-me”) helps to ensure healthy and constructive play. By the end of the get-together, you’ll have a tired and happy pooch.
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