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5 Labrador Retriever Facts

August 3, 2018

Black lab, chocolate lab, yellow lab…no matter the color they are loved across the world!

Lab puppies are simply adorable, and they are cute beyond belief! Here are some facts about these precious and reliable family pups!

They Are Doctors

Okay, that’s a bit of stretch! Lab puppies can be raised to help detect cancer. Because of their powerful noses and sense of smell, they can be trained to identify the early stages of cancer. Through work with cancer cell samples, they can render a diagnosis from smelling a patient’s breath, blood, or stool.

They Are Favored

We feel like this is necessary to share and an obvious truth. According to the American Kennel Club, lab puppies continuously rank high on the most popular breeds list. They have done this for 24 consecutive years. This is the longest reign of any breed in the American Kennel Club’s history.

Labs Love Water!

They were bred to be water dogs, and they happen to have water resistant double coats. Their coats provide insulation, and their short fur keeps them warm, which allows them to swim swiftly when they’re wet. Lab puppies also have webbed toes that aids with fast swimming.

Labs Have Lovely Colors

Lab puppies can be born in a variety of colors, regardless of the parents’ color. In one litter there could be a chocolate, a black, and a yellow lab!

Labs Are Fast

Labradors are well-known for their ability to sprint. They can run 12 miles an hour in just three seconds! So they’re runners and swimmers!

Labs Aren’t From Labrador

Lab puppies didn’t originate in Labrador as one would think, based on their name. They are actually from Newfoundland. They are called Labrador Retrievers because they were used as working dogs in the Labrador Sea.


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