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Welcome to Pet City Pet Shops.

For over four decades, Pet City Pet Shops has grown into one of Colorado’s best pet shops. We can help you and your family connect with that new special addition to the family. Just visit one of our locations and check us out. You can find critters such as cats, birds, hamsters, and other exotics, as well as a wide variety of puppies for adoption looking for a new home. Each one of our locations has everything you and your new pet will need to get started. You’ll want to make sure your new pet is safe, comfy and fed. We also have pet toys and supplies to keep your pets occupied, happy and healthy.

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Here at Pet City Pet Shops our puppies are happy, healthy and incredible models of their breeds.

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We are dedicated to helping you make an educated decision on a puppy that best matches you and your family.

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Pet City is committed to presenting you and your family with the highest quality, friendliest, and healthiest animal.

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Do you have questions about the breed of puppy would be best for your family? Call and speak with a Pet City Pet Counselor!

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